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Makeup and Hair

I help my brides achieve a timeless, natural, ‘lit from within’ look.

No more worrying about your makeup looking cakey and thick, or worrying that a bar lash is going to peel away at the corner giving away the secret that they aren’t really your own!

How I Can Help You

Image by Annie Spratt

Signature Style

Effortless, less is more, with just the right amount of soft smoked out eye definition. Blended to perfection using carefully selected products and personalised eyeshadow tones, to bring out your eyes as the hero of the look. Your natural beauty is enhanced without the makeup being the main focus. Most of the intensity is concentrated at the lash line and diffused out into a feminine, luxury resort style look, with your cheek bones defined with sun kissed bronzes, apricots and light pinks. Skin has a healthy, hydrated, looking glow. Fluffy, natural brows. Full, but airy lashes, custom placed to suit your eye shape, leaving people wondering if they're false or if you were blessed with incredible genes.

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Who I Help

I work with brides who want a flawless finish with their skin still looking like skin. Where your features are defined and enhanced, but you still look like yourself.

Image by Annie Spratt


As my client I strive for you to feel lifted, valued, seen and celebrated for your own uniqueness. That you leave my company feeling ready, excited and confident to see your fiance and family and friends, wearing a makeup look that was all you had hoped for and more.

Tania Hastings Makeup glowy skin


Beautiful, contemporary and timeless makeup is what I love to create. Coupled with soft, modern and effortless hairstyles for my brides. 

I am diploma qualified with a passion for weddings and events, I also have a background in fashion photography, hair and makeup. What this means for you on your wedding day, is that you can feel confident that I know how makeup translates on camera and how to balance that, so you look flawless in person as well as in your photos.

I am always excited and honoured when a bride puts her trust in me to be her fairy godmother and biggest cheerleader on a day that means so much.

Tania Hastings Makeup

"Amazing! Was exactly what I wanted and more! She's so lovely and amazing at what she does!"

—  Ella Duke

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